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by barbi on January 13, 2014

beliefs can be limiting, my conditioning to esteem the museum experience was confusing, left me feeling inadequate to appreciate what others experience in an exhibit. ¬†over the years this absent appreciation has come to me, in the crypt beneath st victor in marseille, the air is dry and ancient, sarcophagi still in place in the dust, bas relief come alive, larger than life hands indicating, something, or seeing a painting in a church in venice preferable to the academia, although maybe i am rethinking my view now that i have experienced mucem, i have yet to go inside, the museum itself, it’s placement in the port of marseille is stunning, every perspective opens a connection between the modern and what has gone before, fashioned from material that is hard yet appearing soft, open yet contained within this openness. when i am finished observing the exterior i will go inside, it may take years


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