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by barbi on April 2, 2011

it’s sunday april 3rd, my last day to paint from les lauves, early and overcast i am walking up to chemin de la marguerite, there is a woman on the way down with one of those cute white dogs with the french name, b something. she doesn’t say don’t paint the mountain she says it’s better in the afternoon. we discuss the direction of the sun, my destination, the olive trees which will keep the sun out of my eyes for a while, the dishtowel around my head after that, the view from her home where she has lived for twenty years, tunisian by origin, i ask about recent events, she is hopeful, and i have had an interest in north africa. she takes out her cell phone, shows me photos of sidi bou said, wait a few years she says. in parting we exchange names, brigitte, both b’s she says, bison frise, mediterranean origin


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