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20 rue du petit puits

by barbi on February 2, 2014

this is pape, my neighbor on the fourth floor. he lives with stephane who is also charming. i love this apartment that reflects so perfectly the owners catherine and dominique. then there is the senseo coffee maker. i do not want to leave


l’art du chi

by barbi on February 2, 2014

i have been doing some weird things lately, like talking to my legs, yesterday, in the calanques, one at a time, in french, lache, detend. release arrives when we are ready, the belief in effort replaced with readiness to receive. on my way up from sugiton the path is effortless. where does this energy originate

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l’art du chi

January 26, 2014

25/1/14 we are on these mats this morning, breathing, then sitting on cushions, preparing hands to receive, finally, we are standing, in pairs. my partner a student more advanced than i, we face each other, my palms face upwards towards the ceiling, hers above mine facing the floor. the exercise, movement, our hands connect in […]

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Supper at Emmaus, detail

January 19, 2014

there is a painting by caravaggio, supper at emmaus, according to luke 24:13-32, easter day, two apostles encounter a stranger on the road to emmaus. it is christ, though his identity is hidden from them, their belief in death limits their perception of reality. once at emmaus they welcome the stranger to supper, bread, wine, […]

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January 13, 2014

beliefs can be limiting, my conditioning to esteem the museum experience was confusing, left me feeling inadequate to appreciate what others experience in an exhibit.  over the years this absent appreciation has come to me, in the crypt beneath st victor in marseille, the air is dry and ancient, sarcophagi still in place in the […]

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January 19, 2012

“i am not learning anything” what weakens the mind strengthens the heart. love remains when roles of father and daughter fade and disappear. without the guidance of labels, without the memories of what has passed between us, love is the presence, visible, effortless, all there is

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the soldiers’ home

January 14, 2012

“i do not know where i am” Alzheimer’s is a transformation, a passage, from one reality to another. Miracles aside… where unexplained change occurs at the speed of light…transformation often begins with resistance and fear until faith allows the emergence of the unknown. the path is dark, isolating, otherworldly, distressing when viewed from the perspective […]

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40 days in aixile

April 6, 2011

it’s tuesday april 5th, i am back on the vineyard, water all around me, i love that

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ecole marchutz

April 4, 2011

it’s monday april 4th, my last day in aix, i have come to marchutz to drop off turpentine, some paint, so good to see alan and john, two threads in the fabric of my life, the fabric changed in content, color, weight, the cloak that i wear, in the light of provence, i can almost […]

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rue du refuge 13002 marseille

March 30, 2011

mon ancien atelier, 2 rue du refuge, still my internet address, i include it in my aix blog because of that number 2, it is where my intent has been most clear, history has it that a property was purchased by the city in 1647 to house prostitutes for reeducation, still a place of transformation

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